martedì 22 dicembre 2015

A Warm Welcome to: Lessly

A Warm Welcome to: 


This Good Boy is fu****g awesome guys!!!

For us it is a pleasure to have on board this artist and present it to you , people!!!

We asked him to tell us a bit about him , here is a general anticipation :
My name is Eugene, I come from Minsk, Belarus.

It may sound trivial, but music is in my blood. My father and grandfather were professional musicians and I feel that music is my mission.
I got interested in music from childhood, first as a listener, then as an artist. At the age of 12, I learned to play the guitar and in 14 years old age I started to play in my first music band.
As time went by, my musical preferences changed, but the taste for good music remained. Electronic music started to fascinate me from the moment when its sound came to a new level - when producers began to mix styles and make the music more alive, more real.
At that moment, I decided to try myself in the role of producer of electronic music. I am still looking for my own sound, but prefer melodic subgenres of house music like: Deep House, Disco and etc.
My overall aim is to find my own individual sound, and perhaps even make up some new genre!

Welcome On Board!

Stay Tune guys....
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